The Sterling Writers Group provides professional screenwriting guidance, consultation and support for both working and aspiring writers.

Our staff members have strong and successful backgrounds in the industry, with many noteworthy accomplishments that include Emmy nominations and international awards for writing and producing television shows, feature films and short films.

The Sterling Writers Group has mentored writers into deals and script sales with networks and studios. We have helped writers get staff writing and showrunner positions on hit television shows and signed with major agencies.


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“I thought, ‘Why would anyone write for Hollywood?’  After I met Sterling Anderson, that changed. He generously guided me through the whole process of the art in the craft.  He was a thoughtful, empathetic, generous and deeply intuitive teacher.  Honestly I credit him for starting off my career writing for television.”

Joshua John Miller, Screenwriter

“Not only did Sterling give me brilliant, incisive advice on my script, he believed in my rewrite enough to forward it to his manager.  I learned more in an hour talking to Sterling than I had in the last five years of webcasts and seminars on screenwriting.  He discussed my script with a level of detail I hadn’t considered before.  The guy is a real pro.”

Ed Gaus, The Chicago Screenwriter’s Network

“As a graduate student at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, I learned more in one class with Sterling than most students can hope for during their entire schooling.  From feature films to television and everything in between, Sterling taught me to be a better writer, director and overall story teller.”

Matthew MacDonald, USC School of Cinematic Arts